Good morning, wanderers!


As you embark on your thrilling journey through the vibrant city of Da Nang, one thing becomes very clear: breakfast is the cornerstone of a remarkable day. Whether you’re seeking the great flavours of Vietnamese cuisine or craving a taste of home with Western favourites, Da Nang offers an array of breakfast options to fuel your adventurous spirit.


Crafting this list of the top breakfast spots in Da Nang hasn’t been an easy task. We’ve scoured the city’s bustling streets, sampled countless dishes, and engaged in friendly debates to ensure we bring you a comprehensive guide to satisfy your morning cravings. Whether you’re a backpacker, a digital nomad, or a curious traveller passing through this mesmerizing city, this article is tailored to help you start your day right.


Let’s jump right in:


Bánh Cuốn Cô Phương


Only open from very early morning to 10 am or 11 am, depending on if they run out of stock these flavour-packed steamed rolls are worth getting out of bed for. Long sheets of rice noodles are steamed on the hot stone before being individually wrapped and stuffed with seasoned minced pork, mushrooms and shrimp.


Flavouring is one thing that this place gets absolutely spot on. They heavily season that generous helping of pork and shrimp and top the dish off with pork floss. On the side, you’ll get pickled papaya and carrots, which they let rest in a light fish sauce; pop one of those pickles with every bite for the ultimate harmony of savoury, sweet and sour.



Don’t expect anything fancy, tiny plastic chairs cover the street corner with what seems to be a never-ending demand for this Vietnamese classic. Filled with Westerners and locals alike, the classic plate will cost you around 40k (1.70USD) and more than fill you up till lunch.


In our opinion an absolute must-stop that suits both Vietnamese and Western pallets.


Ngon Thi Hoa Restaurant


Nestled in the heart of the tourist area, this stunningly designed restaurant takes up a huge stretch of Lê Quang Đạo. Styled in traditional 19th-century attire, this restaurant takes cues from the Hoi An old town and is covered in teak wood, comfy chairs and beautiful plants, which put you at peace.

This is on more of the higher end of Vietnamese eateries; the prices represent that. They charge up to 3x the normal price of street food, but for the beautiful setting, we deem it worth it. 


We would recommend going here early to avoid the crowds. Normally tour buses fill up the restaurant pretty quickly by lunch.


Madame Lan


Situated at the end of the river on the city side Madame Lan has been in feeding tourists and locals alike since 2012. Featuring a vast menu that covers many different aspects of Vietnamese cuisine, including local delicacies and dishes from the north and south.


Even with its never-ending stream of people coming into the restaurant, you’ll still manage to get a table in this huge dwelling. Styled similarly to Ngon Thi Hoa with hanging Hoi An lanterns and an abundance of greenery, this place is chilled for any meal of the day.

But we’re talking about breakfast. Get your fill with boneless chicken mi quang, a dish local to Da Nang. Or opt for the more northern style with different variations of Pho. All the food here is really fresh and never seems to disappoint. Although this comes at a cost, being considerably higher than other restaurants. Nonetheless, we would say worth the visit when your passing through Da Nang.


Mi Quang Dung


While passing through Da Nang you’ll get to know the thick noodle dish Mi Quang very well. Traditionally a breakfast dish it’s served with a touch of spiced broth and your choice of either fish, chicken or beef as a protein. In our opinion, Mi Quang Dung makes some of the best in the city.

Situated just off the busy Chau The Vinh Te street, this small restaurant with plastic streets is normally packed from open till close (noon time). They have become a favourite, with expats, tourists and locals serving up hundreds of their dishes every day. Ask for Banh Trang (thick, crispy rice paper) and scoop those noodles onto there for a perfect breakfast bite.

Bikini Bottom Express


Part of the Boneappletea group Bikini Bottom has been travellers home away from home since 2018. Starting at the Lighthouse hostel serving breakfast for guests, it’s grown to have locations in both Da Nang and Hoi An. Voted Asia Top 80 for 3 years in a row, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time in this quirky gem.

Specialising in all-day breakfast and smash burgers, the extensive menu has you covered. With super fluffy pancakes, eggs bennies, croissants, egg buns, big breakfast platters, smoothie bowls and a whole bunch more. Who would have thought you’d feel at home so far away? 


Not only all-day breakfast but burgers, tacos and poutine too! With a breakfast poutine for morning fries lovers.


Bun cha ca 109 


Based in the heart of the city this Fish cake noodle shop has been serving up soupy noodly delights for 20+ years. Rice noodles served with fried fishcakes and balls with a hot, deep and sour broth topped off with pickled carrots and onion. 

There is no shortage of places serving bun cha ca in Da Nang but this one hits different. The broth really is the start of the show, deep, flavorful and satisfying. They also serve Nuoc Mia (sugar cane juice) which is always a refreshing treat. All coming in for a very reasonable and super cheap price of only a smidge over a dollar.


And there you have it, wanderers! A treasure trove of breakfast havens that could make the poets sing and the food enthusiasts dance with joy. Each bite in Da Nang seems to weave tales of tradition, cultures mingling, and the sheer love for a hearty breakfast. It’s quite clear that in this mesmerizing city, mornings are not just a time of the day; they are a celebration!


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